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    Healthy Body Brain and Heart Pak™ - Original
    US$285.64 Retail
    US$199.95 Wholesale

    This pack is specifically formulated to support and promote healthy brain and cardiovascular function. Each pack provides broad spectrum foundation nutrition including Beyond Tangy Tangerine - 420g canister (1) EFA PLUS- 90 soft gels(1) Beyond Osteo-fx - 32 oz (1) Ultimate EFA (1) and Ultimate Selenium (1).

    See individual products for details

    Ultimate Memory Fx™ - 60 capsules (4 Pack)
    US$228.50 Retail
    US$159.95 Wholesale

    Ultimate Memory fx is specially formulated to address the changes in cognition and memory that are part of normal aging.

    DIRECTIONS: Take one capsule twice daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

    Ultimate D-Stress™
    US$47.07 Retail
    US$32.95 Wholesale

    Help your body combat chronic stress and support a healthy lifestyle with Ultimate D-Stress .

    Ultimate D-Stress™ - 120 Capsules (4 Pack)
    US$178.50 Retail
    US$124.95 Wholesale

    Help your body combat chronic stress and support a healthy lifestyle with Ultimate D-Stress . 4 Pack.

    Sleep Eze
    US$54.21 Retail
    US$37.95 Wholesale

    All-natural Sleep EZE is formulated with a proprietary blend of herbs (passion flower valerian lemon balm chamomile and hops) and other natural substances to support a healthy restful sleep.

    DIRECTIONS: Take two (2) capsules 30 minutes before bedtime or as directed by your healthcare professional.

    Bio Nite 2 Fl Oz
    US$24.21 Retail
    US$16.95 Wholesale

    Bio Nite helps to prevent sleepless nights. The unique liquid formula of melatonin chamomile and valerian is non-habit forming and promotes safe and natural relaxation and sleep and features the proprietary biocellular micellization process.

    Bio Alert
    US$35.64 Retail
    US$24.95 Wholesale

    BIO ALERT - Super Focus Solution No energy? Having trouble focusing on tasks? Stay alert and focused with BIO ALERT! This formula pairs essential B Vitamins with Choline to enhance mental clarity focus and energy.

    Get Go N Plus
    US$35.64 Retail
    US$24.95 Wholesale

    GET-GO-N PLUS - All Day Energy Feel revitalized and focused all day long with GET-GO-N PLUS! This great tasting formula features a complete B-Vitamin complex plus Tyrosine to help you combat stress and give you the energy you need throughout your day.*

    A.M. / P.M. Program
    US$185.64 Retail
    US$129.95 Wholesale

    ALOE PLUS, BIO ALERT, BIO FUEL, BIO NITE, CAL/MAG 100, GET-GO-N PLUS, The A.M./P.M. Program includes Biometics’ most popular products in one convenient pack! This comprehensive program is designed for you to receive the vital nutrition your body needs: morning, noon and night.*

    Scholastic Enhancement
    US$164.21 Retail
    US$114.95 Wholesale

    ALOE PLUS BIO ALERT BIO FUEL CAL MAG 100 GET GO N PLUS Ensure your student has the nutrition necessary for energy focus and mental clarity every day!

    Terrain Brain Health (3 Pack)
    US$149.93 Retail
    US$104.95 Wholesale

    Brain health supplements are among the fastest-growing segments of the nutritional supplement industry and there is none better than Terrain Brain Health featuring Terrain Turmeric Terrain Holy Basil and Terrain Sacred Herbs.

    Adrenal Health (4oz) - 4 Pack
    US$214.21 Retail
    US$149.95 Wholesale

    Adrenal Health contains a proprietary herbal blend of organic or wild-crafted herbs that support your adrenal glands and promotes healthy energy levels. 4 Pack.


Showing of 21 total

Showing of 21 total